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This page is updated to the 2016/17 term.

Deadline for registration to the 2016/17 term is Monday, May 23. It is possible to register later, but registrations received before the deadline are taken into consideration first.

Summary in English

Rudersdal Musikskole offers tuition and other musical activities to children and young people (0 to 24 years of age) living in Rudersdal Kommune.

For babies and toddlers we have group activities where parents also participate. You sign up for one or more 12/15-week courses.

Babies 2-10 months and 9-18 months: 15 weeks. 45 minutes per lesson. 1.250 kr. + administration fee 120 kr.

Children 1½-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years:

Autumn course: 15 weeks. 45 minutes per lesson. 1.250 kr. + administration fee 120 kr.

Spring course: 21 weeks. 45 minutes per lesson. 1.750 kr. + administration fee 120 kr.

Song, movement and elementary use of percussion instruments are the contents of the activities.

The music school arranges classes for 1st graders (Musik for 1. kl.) and 2nd graders (Karrusel for 2. kl.) in the municipal schools after school hours. Two, respectively three teachers collaborate in these classes introducing elementary musical training and instrumental playing. The classes start in late August and continue to late June. Fee: Musik for 1. kl. 3.500 kr. and Karrusel for 2. kl. 4.500 kr.   + a registration fee of 120 kr. The fee is paid in 3 instalments.

In all group activities Danish will be the language spoken, while our teachers will be able to teach instrumental lessons in English. 

Our professionally educated teachers cover a wide range of more than thirty instruments: Woodwind, brass, strings, guitar and electric guitar, piano, percussion and drum set, accordion, harp and, of course, singing. The pupil starts tuition on his or her chosen instrument and after acquiring the necessary skills (varying with the instrument) will be invited to join group playing, orchestras, bands or choirs.

The music school hosts or participates in around 100 concerts, performances and other occasions every year.


20 minute lessons (1 lesson a week, 36 weeks)                4.500 kr.

25 minute lessons (1 lesson a week, 36 weeks)                5.300 kr.

40 minute lessons (1 lesson a week, 36 weeks)                9.200 kr.

The fee is paid in 3 instalments. With the first instalment we charge a registration fee of 120 kr. There is no additional fee for participating in group playing, orchestras, bands, choirs, music theory or ear training.

There is no payment at the time of registration/signing up. We forward an invoice in mid-August for the first instalment when the registration is completed.


It is possible to lease most instruments from the music school, excepting piano, recorders, electric guitar and drum set/percussion. The lease is 1.419 kr. for a full year, including insurance.

Trial period:

For new pupils (or pupils starting a new subject or with another teacher) there is a mandatory 12 week trial period corresponding with the first paying instalment. After the trial period it is possible to sign out or to continue for the rest of the school year.

Apart from the trial period it is possible to terminate the tuition with 3 months notice during which period the fee must be paid.

Signing up:

Follow one of the two links below and fill out the form. The connection is security certified. If you need help, please contact the music school office, phone 4611 5950 or mail

If this is the first time you register, click here

If you are already registered (as an active pupil or on a waiting list), click here

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